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Character Dance Class Level 3 - DVD & Music Cd
Ohio Conservatory of Ballet
Inna Stabrova, Vaganova Academy graduate, presents a Level 3 Character class with de ...More »
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Vaganova Ballet Level 3 Complete Syllabus
Ohio Conservatory of Ballet
Dmitriy Tuboltsev Presents: This DVD contains the Complete Vaganova Level 3 Ballet S ...More »
What Customers Say
I have been a Classical Ballet instructor for over 30 years and I can unequivocally say that Inna Stabrova is the most talented and motivating Classical Ballet, Character Dance and Pedagogy Instructor that I have ever known. Having been brought up in ... More »
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Vaganova Syllabus Method Certification

The live video sessions are for professional ballet instructor's one on one with Inna Stabrova or Dmitriy Tuboltsev. Sessions one on one will help instructors with their questions about Character dance class and Vaganova syllabus for all 8 levels.

Character dance class styles:
  1. Spanish
  2. Russian
  3. Gypsy Character
  4. Hungarian
  5. Polish (mazurka)
  6. Ukrainian
  7. Middle Eastern
  8. Tarantella (Italian style)
  1. How to build combinations in each style for the barre
  2. How to build etudes for center work.
  3. How to choose music for particular style.
  4. Detail explanation on how to start teaching first character dance class.
  5. Appropriate exercises for each level.
Vaganova Syllabus for 8 levels will be answer by Dmitiry Tuboltsev, Syllabus for all 8 levels.
  1. Appropriate musical tempo for each level
  2. Musical measurement for each combination: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4
  3. How to build a combination in Vaganova technique
  4. Upper body Coordination in Vaganova style
  5. Barre work for each level
  6. Center work for each level
  7. Jumps
  8. Pointe work

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